Monday, March 19, 2012

Woodrow Wilson

Wilson did one good thing in his first term (at least from what I can tell); lower tariffs on foreign goods. This was done so it was easier for poor people to get foreign things they need. Then he raised tariffs on things that only wealthier people could buy.  He also increased tax on the wealthy. Among all laws that he passed, my least favorite is the child labor law. It made the working age 14 and if you were working for over 8 hours you have to be 16.

Imagine you are trying to lift a house. The house weighs 40,000 pounds. You have a thousand people to help you each person has to lift 40 pounds. 200 of you helpers are under 21 they wouldn’t be much help anyway so you dismiss them. Now everyone has to lift 50pounds. 300 hundred of your remaining helper are female you don’t think they should lift that much so you dismiss them too. Now you have to lift twice as much as you did before (80 pounds). Now only 100 of your people can lift over 80 pounds so dismiss the other 400. Now the 100 has to lift 400 pounds. My numbers are not accurate but you get the point.   

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