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Act of Valor (R) Movie Review

Act of Valor(R) Movie Review 

In the Philippines an ice cream truck is blown up in school parking lot by a suicide bomber, killing the American ambassador. Two CIA agents, Ross and Morales,  are suspicious about the bombing; they are suddenly ambushed. Ross is killed.  Morales is abducted and brought to a terrorist compound in the jungle. A team of Navy SEALs are sent to recover her.

Staring active duty Navy SEALs, Act of Valor gives you an idea what SEALs do. Some might say that the point of this film is to get you to join the military, but I don’t think so. The director is trying to give a sense of what it’s like being a SEAL and how self-sacrificing they are.

For an R-rated movie about SEALs, there wasn't much swearing that;  I’ve heard more swearing in some PG-13 movies. As for violence, there’s lots of shooting, but it’s not graphic. Agent Morales is tortured but you don’t see that much of it (that’s a good thing!).  Critics have said that the SEALs acting was a little wooden;  actually, compared with some Hollywood actors, the acting wasn’t bad.

I think the film should have been based in Afghanistan instead of the Philippines.  Another problem I had with this movie has to do with the two bad guys (Cristo and Shabal). Abdu Shabal is a convert to Jihad, but it is unrealistic for a convert to have become so powerful. Cristo-who is working with Abdu Shabal- is a Jew who looks like he’s from a Hitler propaganda poster. In case you didn’t know Jihadists hate Jews.

Other than than the things I just mentioned, I thought Act of Valor was one of the better action movie I’ve seen! 
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